Chapter 1 Wotou Produces a Bloody Struggle

East Divine Province, Great Wild Mountain Ranges, Iron Forest Sect.

“wake up ……”

A gentle voice which contains a hard to describe chilly tone.

The youth that was deeply sleeping on top of the haystack, similar to having his head poured with a pale of cold water, suddenly became conscious and opened his eyes.

The golden rays of the rising sun penetrates through the gap of the cottage forming multiple pillars of light.

The rough and crude pig shed because of the lights is cut into multiple separate light and dark spaces which produces a space with a special feeling.

The girl that is standing with her back towards the light, which looks just like she is dressed with an incomparably beautiful brocade, produces a hard to describe refined beauty.

Her beautiful face which is surrounded by the shadow looks delicate. The abundant but with different levels of light and dark gives her an addition amount of mysteriousness.

The presence of the girl makes the dirty and stench pig shed into a beautiful painting. This also includes the sleeping black pigs which when looked appears to be cute.

The emaciated boy doesn’t appear to notice the girl but instead focuses all his attention to the black wotou on the girl’s hands.

The black wotou looks rough and ugly, exudes a food-like aroma which stimulates his appetite and causes his stomach to cramp.

This body is just 15 years old this year which is rightly in its growth stage. Add to that he didn’t eat anything yesterday, he is already starving to the point where his body is feeling very weak.

He feels that right now he is able to finish eating whole the black pig beside him without even leaving any bones behind.

No matter how ugly the black wotou looks, right now it surpasses all the worlds most beautiful things.

He deeply stares, without even blinking his fairly yellowish eyes, at the wotou. If it wasn’t because he is slightly able to restrain himself, he would have already snatch it.

The girl slowly squats down and puts the black wotou into the boy’s hands. Her actions were elegant and graceful.

His eyes clearly brightens, where black and white can be separately seen, and his eyes became like water which is quiet and gentle.

The boy who is already starving doesn’t look at the girl and takes a big bite at the black wotou. The rough, dry, and hard wotou almost choke the boy to death. Its good that his body has already long got used to these kinds of food, his mouth produces a lot of saliva which helps him swallow down his food.

But the black wotou is too hard and too rough and having learned his lesson, he slowly eats the wotou one small bit at a time.

After chewing his food, the rough black rice releases a faint sweat taste.

This is the most terrible food the boy has ever eaten and it is also the most delicious food he has ever eaten.

The boy believes that through his entire life he will never forget the taste of this black wotou.

During the time the boy’s entire attention is on the black wotou, there was a hard to notice flash of grief which ran through the girl’s clear eyes. She didn’t say anything and just suddenly turns around and leaves the pig shed.

“Gently you have left, as you had gently come, waving a sleeves, leaving behind a wotou ……”

Looking at the back of the departing girl, the boy’s sluggish faintly yellow eyes suddenly came to life, and he strangely recited a broken poem.

Yue Qing Xue, who is this boy’s original memory’s most import girl, already has no more significance towards him.

It is because he already isn’t the original silly and foolish boy.

The boy’s stature and appearance hasn’t change but his original soul had already been broken and dissipated during yesterdays thunder.

Now, the one who dominates his body is a soul that has come from Earth.

During the time he was on Earth, other people called him immortal unharmed, the army’s number one fighter, an undefeated soldier king.

After experiencing a night of sleeping, the soul of immortal unharmed which has traveled
through time and space, has already completely combined with this body and has also absorbed this boy’s original memories.

In this world called Manhuang, his original name and identity has already lost its meaning. He has very naturally continued the boy’s name: Gao Zhengyang.

The newly reborn Gao Zhengyang, isn’t a person who doesn’t know gratitude and it grateful towards Yue Qing Sue within his heart.

His ridicule is mostly aimed at himself by self deprecating his own situation.

Even though he has already changed body from an undefeated immortal unharmed body into his current body but he still retains a pride of an expert fighter, an indestructible strong will, and a free and unrestrained personality.

And it is because he has these traits, that he is he, unique and without anyone being the same as him. No matter what he is called, whether he is called immortal unharmed or Gao Zhengyang, a name is only something that represents, and what is truly important is the person’s inner traits.

And it is because of this that he has very easily accepted his new identity. For him it isn’t important how this has happened but what is import is that he is still alive.

After Yup Qing Xue just left, a black fat boy came running inside.

“I have already told you a lot of times, miss Yue’s wotou is given to me. You foolish person has the guts to steal from me.”

The black fat boy sees the half eaten black wotou, his fat face distorts and he angrily curses. He grabs hold of Gao Zhengyang’s hand and is about to snatch the black wotou from Gao.

Gao Zhengyang who is savoring his food became very furious. Someone even wanted to steal his wotou, this is bullying him too much and its something that he can’t tolerate.

Gao Zhengyang has never thought that one day he will get angry over a wotou.

In his previous life, there was a person who smashed his ten million worth luxurious car and turned it into a scrap metal but he didn’t get angry.

His enemies blew up his house but he didn’t even wrinkled an eyebrow.

But then this wotou is different. This is the only food he has to rely on to survive, and even though it taste horrible but it is something that he would not let other touch.

Gao Zhengyang recognizes this fat person, this is his mother’s brother’s son, which is also his cousin, called Linya.

In reality, this uncle is a distant relative. But no matter who he is, Gao Zhangyang will not be polite.

“Small foolish person, quickly give me the wotou!”

The black fat Rinya is more than one head taller than Gao Zhangyang, his arms are almost as thick as Gao Zhangyang’s thighs. Once he used his strength, he not only pulled Gao Zhangyang from the floor, he also almost snapped off Gao Zhangyang’s arms.

Gao Zhangyang heave a sigh within his heart, this body is extremely frail.

In his previous life, he would always rely on his tyrannical alloy bones to abuse his enemies.

He had never thought that in here he would be pressured by the strength of a young child.

“Wait until I have already retrained my Tai ji hejin bones then I would have my revenge on you!”

Gao Zhangyang secretly curses then suddenly release his hands. He was a guoshu zongshi, an undefeated soldier king, his battle experience is abundant.

His strength is weaker than his opponent and naturally he would stop fighting in close combat.

Rinya gets the wotou on his hands, his face reveals a somewhat proud triumph, and when Rinya wanted to give this foolish person another lesson, Rinya sees Gao Zhangyang raises his hands and pokes towards Rinya’s eyes.

“Ah” Rinya didn’t think that this foolish person would suddenly fight him, he jump in fright, hastily turns his head to avoid, and at the same time raises his hands to block the attack.

Within Iron Forest Sect there are multiple thousands of people and all of them practices martial arts. Rinya’s age can be considered as not that old but his body is strong and his boxing is quite excellent.

Being suddenly attacked, his mind hasn’t been able to react yet but his body natural reflexes has already made the correct moves to defend himself.

Gao Zhangyang’s body is frail and his strength isn’t that great, his speed isn’t fast either. But his mind is that of a powerful guoshu zongshi.

So even though he doesn’t recognize the martial arts of this world, but based on a person’s body’s form, he can already determine the reasoning behind the close combat fighting style.

Rinya is still very young and that is why Rinya is still not able to exceed the strength of his body’s limit. That is why with just a single move of Rinya, Gao Zhangyang can already guess what Rinya’s next move would be.

With this close a distance, and Gas Zhangyang deliberately attacking, he would not be able to miss.

Gao Zhangyang slightly flicks his wrist, his fingertips is similar to a swing whip, already moved ahead and poked Rinya’s eyes.

Uses a little of Wing Chun Kuen to produce strength, which brings a mighty shaking.

His body may be frail, but how he produces strength is very advance, and his actions are swift and obscure.

If Gas Zhangyang really used his entire strength then Rinya’s both eyes would have been blinded.

With only this much, RInya already can’t bear with it. Rinya feels that his eyes are burning with pain, and that he can’t see anything.

Rinya doesn’t dare to open his eyes, and while feeling frightened, he opens his mouth and prepares to call out loud.

Gao Zhangyang is already prepared, reaches out and fiercely hit Rinya’s chin which closes Rinya’s mouth.

This attack is fast and violent, not only was Rinya not able to produce any sound, his teeth suddenly closes and bites his tongue.

The tongue is very delicate, Rinya is so much pain that he is hissing and pours out air, but he wasn’t able to shout.

After waiting for a while, Rinya slowly recovers. He slowly opens his eyes, fiercely stares at Gao Zhangyang and said “F*ck, today I will kill you b*tch!”

Because Rinya’s tongue has been injured, his talking is vague.

Rinya from when he was young up to now has never suffered this much suffering. Not to mention being bullied by this foolish person Gao Zhangyang, this is something Rinya can’t endure.

The environment surrounding Great Wild Mountain Ranges is evil, the people living here has temperament that are swift and fierce, and upholds might. Because of Rinya’s rage, he already has the thought of killing Gao Zhangyang.

“Looks like you haven’t learned your lesson!” Gao Zhangyang slightly laughs and suddenly kicks towards the middle of Rinya’s two legs.

Gao Zhangyang kicked without warning, his action is also very fast, when Rinya was able to be aware of what was happening, it was already too late.

That place is extremely weak and fragile, Rinya’s “Uh” a miserable sound, both of his eyes goes up, his black face becomes palely white, clutching his lower abdomen, he falls down to the ground.

The heartbreaking pain prevents Rinya from having any energy to scream, having no energy to release his anger, and could only lie down on the floor and moan softly.

Gao Zhangyang picks up the wotou that fell on the floor, slowly and closely blows on it, then with one bite enjoys chewing it.

For Gao Zhangyang, eating the wotou is the important event and regarding Rinya, he isn’t even important just like a fart.

Rinya’s mother is famous far and wide as a butcher, with a violent temper and a tough vixen. But how does that matter!

With a different perspective, Gao Zhangyang doesn’t care about any of this, the only thing he is really concerned with is how to swiftly restore his previous strength.

Great Wild Mountain Ranges isn’t some paradise, it is a place where barbarians roam around and monsters commit atrocities.

A single piece of wotou can be stolen by someone, this is also produced by this kind of environment.

The world here is more broad and more mysterious, and it is also more dangerous.

Gao Zhangyang very much likes this place. He naturally like risks, he like to climb to the top, he pursues the limit.

And it is because of this character that he was able to become an immortal unharmed person that roams the world, becomes an undefeatable soldier king.

Right now, the most essential problem is that the Tai ji hejin foundation is the body. If the body becomes stronger then the strength that is able to be release becomes stronger.

Tai ji hejin combines with the body’s skeleton and this would give a huge burden towards the body.

Why was he the only one who survived the previous experiment? That was because of good luck, its become of his strong body and strong mind.

Based on Gao Zhangyang’s current body condition, if ever he is to enter the second stage of Tai ji hejin then he will immediately die.

This is definitely not a laughing matter.

Being able to reincarnate once is already a heaven-defying good luck. Gao Zhangyang doesn’t consider that he will be able to have another similar opportunity.

Based on his foundation as a guoshu zongshi, he knows a lot of secret techniques that can swiftly strengthen his body.

But there is a single condition and that he has to have an adequate amount of resources. And the least requirement is that he should be able to eat full and eat tasty meals.

But if he wants to be able to eat full meals within the Iron Forest Sect then he must be able to meet a lot of conditions.

Gao Zhangyang finishes the last piece of the wotou, his stomach still feels empty and hungry, and he can’t even be considered as half full.

He move his gaze, and it falls on the lying down on the floor and softly moaning Rinya’s body, Gao Zhangyang bares his teeth and started laughing.

“What are you planning to do? You shouldn’t do anything reckless! My mother is almost here to save me….”

Gao Zhangyang’s laughter is quite strange, it gives Rinya a very bad feeling, Rinya can’t help and scream and howl out loud.

Translators Notes:
1. Wotou is also called Chinese Cornbread.
2. Tai ji hejin is some sort of martial art technique. It literally translate into titanium alloy.
3. guoshu zongshi is a title for the country’s top martial experts.
4. Wing Chun Kuen is a chinese martial arts of self defense.