Tyrant Emperor (帝霸)

Ten million years ago, Li Chiyue planted a piece of bamboo. Eight million years ago, Li Chiyue raised a piece of carp. Five million years ago Li Chiyue adopted a young girl. Today, when Li Chiyue woke up, the bamboo had trained to become a god-level spirit; the carp had transformed into a golden dragon; and the young girl had already become an empress of the nine worlds. This a story about an immortal human male who had raised a

One thought on “Tyrant Emperor (帝霸)”

  1. Spoilers/comment/rant:
    Having read up to the events prior to going to the tenth world, the novel makes it so that it loses its unpredictability. The MC never loses and always wins. This is beside the fact that there is an ever present plot armor for the MC. This goes beyond that and portrays an omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent being (basically a god). This novel loses an aspect/ factor which I believe is important for a story — having an unknown. I believe that everyone has read chapters which ends with a cliffhanger, and even though it always frustrates the readers but I think that having that is important since it motivates the readers to want to continue reading the story to know what will happen next. But in this case the MC doesn’t encounter set backs, just went you think there might be a potential problem going to happen, the MC opens a trap card which has already been prepared since who knows when. And it does have the feel of a training/cultivating MC where in one levels up. To end this, it is basically a story where there is a powerful MC and what he plans to do with his power. And just realized that this is already being translated in wushaworld as emperor’s domination. Hopefully the series improve at the latter half.

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